Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’ve probably heard or seen businesses using video to promote their brand. This video marketing trend is here to stay, so I wanted to give my fans some tips on how to make the most of it.

While I work with video marketing all the time, I am not the most qualified person to give tips on video creation. So, I reached out to one of the videographers I work with to see how we can all make video marketing work for us.

Video marketing interview with Jason Steinberg of Steinberg Imagery:

What video trends are you seeing this year?

Storytelling with concise messaging! 30 seconds or less. As attention spans wane, one really needs to engage folks quickly. So, tease them into learning more about your product or service with your Story! Don’t sell…tell, a series of short videos (Psst, it boosts your SEO credibility).

What is the first thing you notice about homemade marketing videos?

Too long…with Ummmmmmms, ahs, and awkward pauses along with poor audio.

For the sake of all impatient people, get to the point…quickly. Nothing worse than Googling how to fix or do something…and you have to wait 5-10 minutes before they get to the point of the video.

Oh, and poor picture is forgivable only if the audio sounds great!

Is there an easy fix for it?

Yes, edit it out. Write a script. Or hire an editor…or better yet a professional, like me. I have tips and tricks to avoid the unnecessary pauses.

How have you helped businesses to promote themselves?

I have helped businesses promote themselves with a series of videos that share visual/audio stories of how they have helped solve problems for their clientele.

Creating concise clear messaging is key. Then keywording of the videos combined with the SEO of their existing website drives consumers to their site’s specific landing pages that then converts to sales.

What is your advice for small businesses wanting to experiment with video marketing?

Go for it!

Yes, dun is beautiful.

See, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be understood. We are not in Hollywood.

Get it done. Do it again. And keep producing content.

Eventually, you will get really good at it or realize that it is pulling you away from your business and/or life. Then you will hire a pro, ahem…like me. A recent client of mine made a series of videos (took three years to make six) and then he hired me after his wife gave him the ultimatum, “spend time with me…or leave.” He is happily married and I created a new six-piece series in a fraction of the time.

Ok, one question about you…what is your favorite cuisine?

Tequila, I mean sushi…what I really mean is lowland Anejo Tequilas with seasonal sushi!

Thank you, Jason, for these video marketing tips!

You can contact Jason by calling 415-786-1374 or email

I truly hope you embrace video marketing and start to develop your own stories of your brand. Videos offer value on your website, on YouTube and social media algorithms tend to favor them. So make the most of it!

If you have DIY tips that have worked for you, please share them below!

Jason Steinberg is the Founder & Video Storyteller at Steinberg Imagery. He began his photography career in 1998, documenting his collegiate soccer team and trying to convey the intensity of life in Los Angeles to his family in the Midwest. He used the camera as an icebreaker and learned to document the magic of people living their own passionate stories.

Jason began his career working in photojournalism at the San Francisco SF Examiner, where he quickly honed his talent of seeing every angle of a live story. Today, Steinberg Imagery fulfills the marketing needs of a wide variety of clients, from family-run businesses to large corporations; where he utilizes his trained eye to define your video stories through the use of photography and video.