How to Create Posts with WordPress’ Gutenberg

WordPress has made a major change to how we create posts. It’s called Gutenberg. In my 10 years of building WP websites, this will be the biggest adjustment users will have to make. The new post page looks completely different, but still has all the great tools you’ve been using, plus a few added ones. Let’s dig in to WordPress’ Gutenberg!

WordPress Gutenberg

You might be wondering why this new, extreme change took place. Many other website-building platforms have a similar interface when it comes to building pages. You create page elements in blocks so you have a better visual of how your page will look published.

Blocks are a great new tool for building engaging content… you can insert, rearrange, and style multimedia content with very little technical knowledge.


This change will help you to create a more professional looking website, which makes buyers feel like they are shopping with a more trustworthy company. Before this change, you may have needed additional plugins to get the professional look you wanted on your pages. Now, you can customize your posts with ease, and without knowing any coding. Let’s explore these new features!

Video: How to Create Posts with WordPress’ Gutenberg