Easy Ways to Better Target Buyers in Your Digital Advertising

Running pay-per-click (PPC) ads is a great way to reach customers. The digital advertising age allows us to see instant performance metrics and adjust accordingly. However, I often see trends of businesses targeting everyone under the sun to buy their product or service. There’s an old saying that says if you’re targeting everyone, you’re targeting noone. I firmly believe that. The more targeted you can get, the better.

Let’s say you sell life insurance and you are running Facebook ads to generate leads. It’s true that the majority of people out there could use life insurance. However, having one ad that speaks to everyone’s needs from age 21-65+ is not going to be an effective use of your marketing budget.

Instead, we want to narrow the targeting to get more qualified results. There are a few areas to look at here: Location, Demographics and Interests.


Location Targeting

Defining the location of where your customers are is very important. If you are able to provide life insurance across the United States, you may not want to target the entire country without a big budget. Look at your company’s data. Do you see any patterns? Maybe there are states where people tend to buy more insurance than others? Maybe people in bigger metropolitan areas buy more? The point is to find the areas where it’s an easier “sell” and target them.

Now let’s say you are only targeting people in your local area. Think about how far your customers may be willing to travel to meet you in person or come to your storefront. One of my clients who has watched patterns with her customers discovered that people are only willing to travel 15 miles to come to her wellness center. So, we only target a 15-mile radius from her location.

Choose location targeting that fits your customers. You can always test different areas or distances.


Demographic Targeting

Now let’s move on to choosing your customers demographics. Start by breaking out age groups that could have a similar message. Using the life insurance example, people in their 20’s are not typically thinking of long-term finances. People in their 30’s may be starting to think about and those in their 40’s are likely thinking about it frequently.

There is not one single message that would speak to these three groups of people and make them want to contact you. So, as you are creating your campaign, think about what each of these age groups are dealing with in their lives and how life insurance could provide them with comfort. Better yet, create a persona for each one.


Interest Targeting

One of the great things about digital marketing is that we are able to target users that have expressed interest in various topics. You can target people that have interacted with financial health sites, investing sites, etc.

Additionally, you can target people that have had recent life events, like getting engaged. Maybe they want to start planning for their future. And if you have any custom audiences created, it’s even better.

Putting it All Together

Once you have chosen your location, demographics and interests, now you can craft your message that speaks to your target. I like to create multiple ads to test. Always try different types of ad and different types of visuals. Video performs very well in some cases and in others, images may do better. Testing is key to finding what works.

These tactics will likely create more campaigns to manage, but it’s worth it!

Until next time…