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2023 Small Business Saturday Marketing Ideas

Small Business Saturday is on the horizon, offering local businesses a prime opportunity to stand out. Prepping for this day means not only celebrating your local identity but also strategizing on how to stand toe-to-toe with giants like Amazon. Here’s a guide to help you shine both digitally and traditionally.

Understanding Small Business Saturday

Launched in 2010, this American Express initiative supports local businesses often overshadowed by big Black Friday sales and online giants. Beyond commerce, it's a day that recognizes local businesses that give back, enriching communities and the local economy.

Strategies to Boost Your Campaign (and Compete with Amazon)

Leverage the American Express Toolkit
Make use of the customizable marketing materials from American Express tailored for Small Business Saturday.

Initiate Early Promotion
Ensure your promotions are visible across platforms - from your storefront to your website and social media profiles.

Maximize Social Media Impact

  • Facebook: Use the event feature to highlight in-store offers.
  • Instagram: Redirect your bio link to your event or a specialized page on your site.
  • LinkedIn: Start B2B promotions early, as holiday weeks can see reduced professional activity.

Collaborate with a Nonprofit
Team up with a nonprofit, sharing the story behind your collaboration. Customers love supporting businesses that give back.

Distinguish Your Business

  • Unique Experiences: Offer in-store experiences Amazon can't, like workshops, tastings, or personal consultations.
  • Raffles & Rewards: Incentivize shopping with you through loyalty programs, raffles, or surprise rewards.
  • Form Alliances with Nearby Businesses: Create a community buzz by partnering with neighboring businesses for combined promotions or events.

Highlight Local Shopping Experiences

  • Personal Touch: Provide personalized product recommendations or handwritten thank-you notes.
  • Instant Gratification: Highlight the advantage of immediate possession versus waiting for delivery.
  • No Shipping Costs: Promote that customers won't have to pay extra for shipping or deal with the hassle of returns by mail.
  • Curbside Pickup: Give customers the convenience of driving up and getting their purchase so they can be on their way quickly.
  • Gift Idea Cards: Let your best customers take home gift idea cards that they can give their wishlist to friends or family.
  • ​Local Products: Stock and promote local artisans or products unique to your region. And ask them to share your deals in their marketing.
  • Community Involvement: Host or sponsor local events, and remind customers that supporting you means supporting their community.
  • Superior Customer Service: Train your staff to offer knowledge and service that outpaces digital assistants.
  • ​Transparent Practices: Showcase your ethical sourcing or sustainable practices, which many customers value.

Small Business Saturday isn't just about sales; it's a day to emphasize your local significance. Engage your community, document the day's events, and focus on future customer engagements. Don't forget to support a small business near you.

Here's to standing strong in the market and making Small Business Saturday a success!