5 Ways to Repurpose Content

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5 Ways to Repurpose Content

Let’s face it, creating content can be very time consuming. We are trying to keep up with the digital world and that often means keeping multiple platforms (blogs, social media pages, etc.) up-to-date with new content. When we repurpose content, we can use one piece in multiple ways.

Imagine you’ve just finished the final edits on your blog post and you’re ready to share it with the world. Now, let’s create some additional content around this post. One thing to note is that some of these repurposing tactics can be done by an assistant and won’t require your time.

Social Media Quotes

We always want to share our blogs on social media platforms and get our fans to head over to our website. Grab 2-3 short lines in your blog to use as quotes. They should be intriguing but not give too much away.

Next, create a graphic with those quotes. Free design platforms like Canva have premade templates for all social platforms and they make it easy to create graphics. You can tease the article multiple times using your new quotes without making it look like you are sharing the same thing over and over again.

Create a Video

Like it or not selfie videos are proving to be very effective right now. These are great to use in Facebook and Instagram stories. Nobody is more excited about what you just wrote than you are, so let that shine through! Your energy will attract other people’s energy.

If you are the star of your video and you come across as confident in your subject matter and happy to share it, it helps build trust with your viewers.

Tease your blog post in the video stating the top benefits of reading it. If I were teasing this blog post, I’d talk about how you can save time by creating less content, reach more users with the variety of content and build trust with your audience.

Content Upgrades

This is one of my favorites! A content upgrade is a secondary, usually downloadable, piece of content that complements the blog post. For example, if you wrote about creating an LLC, a good content upgrade could be a checklist of all steps or the contact information of all agencies to be contacted.

What I really love about them is they are a great way to collect email addresses. When someone needs to give their email in exchange for content, it’s called gated content. People are more willing to opt in if the blog post is valuable to them, so a gated content upgrade works nicely!

Repost on Medium

Our goal is always to get more eyes on our blogs, right? Medium is a great way to do that without giving up “original author” credit. Medium allows you to import your blog posts for free, which puts it in front of their millions of users.

Additionally, you can request that the piece be reviewed and if the editors find it to be beneficial to their users, they will share it with them.

Email Blast

One of the reasons your subscribers signed up was to hear what you have to say. So share your blog posts! Create a new eblast and tease the benefits of the article. You can use your quote graphics or video here, too.

One more thought...
I’d also like to note that since many of my clients and colleagues have a blog, I used that as a starting point. However, if you are starting with a video blog, there is one more thing you should do.

Get your video uploaded to YouTube and embed it on to a vlog post page on your website. Next, add the transcription of the video so you get the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.

I hope there are at least a couple ideas you can try right away! Repurposing your content can really save you time and brain power as you won’t have to come up with new ideas all the time. I’d love to hear your thoughts, reach out!