3 Things Bob’s Burgers Can Teach Us About Marketing

By Rebecca Bertoldi

Last year I started watching Bob’s Burgers from the beginning and not only did I love the humor in the show, but the marketer in me was also entertained. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a cartoon about a family who owns and runs a restaurant. They have wonderfully amusing family dynamic and the show is loaded with witty one liners and imagination. If you like sarcastic, witty comedy, go check it out.

I know, I know, we’re here to talk about marketing. There are a few things in the show that make my inner marketing nerd giggle. As I was watching a couple weeks ago, I realized that I kept looking for these specific things and I realized that if this was an actual family with their business on social media, I’d follow them. So why not make use of some of these in our everyday marketing?

Let’s dig in!

3 Things Bob’s Burgers Can Teach Us About Marketing

Pun-tastic Area Businesses

Much like The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers intro is different in each episode. It took me a few episodes to realize it, too. Next to the restaurant there’s a vacant storefront. Each episode intro showcases a different business. Additionally, there is a van that pulls up for just a moment with different pun-tastic name. We never skip the intro because of this. We can’t get enough! Here are some examples from TV Insider’s 17 Best Storefront Puns:

What Bobs Burgers Can Teach Us About Marketing
What Bobs Burgers Can Teach Us About Marketing 2

Punny, right? So how can we use that in our own marketing?

While I do love a good pun, I’m not suggesting that you have to become a pun king or queen. However, viewers come back time after time looking for that extra laugh. So what can you create on a regular basis that will have your audience excited to see what you created?

One great example of this in the marketing world is Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays. Each week many marketers tune in to their quality, educational videos and immediately know they’re going to learn something new. We know that there will be examples that we can relate to, data to back it up and some humor. They make staying up-to-date on SEO very easy. So, get creative and give your customers - and future customers - something to look forward to.

Burger of the Day

Next, let’s take a look at Bob’s burger of the day board. Once again, the show creators have me hooked on finding another fun element in the show. And I’m not the only one! There is a cookbook that has recipes for the fake burgers. Here are a few from gfycat.com:

What Bobs Burgers Can Teach Us About Marketing 3

Bob’s Burgers shows us how to have fun with everyday elements in your store, whether it’s a brick and mortar or online. This could be a great social media campaign, too. This is an easy idea for restaurants, but other industries could use it as well.

A great example of this is Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day. As you probably have guessed, each day they send out the word of the day. But it goes way beyond just the word. You learn its definition, its origin and how to use it. And it’s sent to you via email, so you look forward to it each morning. Find something that you can share with our audience that’s valuable and sustainable and watch your following grow.

Try New Things

In season two of Bob’s Burgers, Bob is looking for new ways to bring in business. With hesitation, he decides to try capturing a new set of customers by having a food truck. He quickly discovers there’s a lot to learn about positioning his truck to get the most exposure. However, he keeps pushing forward and trying new ways to get traffic to his truck.

What Bobs Burgers Can Teach Us About Marketing 4

The big lesson here is that you shouldn’t be afraid to try new ways to generate buzz for your business. Have fun with it! Get creative, hold contests, team up with other businesses - or better yet a nonprofit … get people talking about you! When I lived back in New York, there was a tasty local deli that created an “Italian Combo Day” where they donated all proceeds from Italian combos that day to Relay for Life. This was the work of Bucci Brothers Deli, who made it an event and sold over 600 sandwiches!

One thing to note, in this episode of the show, Bob’s kids bash their competition in order to get more people at their truck. I don’t believe in tearing other companies down to make yours look better. Be true to your brand and your customers. If you offer a quality product or service, then let those benefits shine in a positive light.

I hope you have a new idea or two to try out in your business. Remember that you are marketing to other human beings with real emotions. Talk to them as you would your own friends and family. You won’t know if something works unless you try, so, try!

Until next time…

Rebecca Bertoldi